Smart Move Testimonials

First Time Home Buyer

"Marty tells me I am his youngest buyer ever at 20 years old.  He not only helped me find the home of my dreams, he set me up with a bank that financed the home with very little down.  I'm grateful for his expertise and friendship."      ~ Z. Lewis

Home Buyer

"I now live in an absolutely wonderful home that Marty and his team found for me.  The most advantageous part of working with Marty was his knowledge of the various financing options that worked for me and my unique situation."                               ~ S. Donahue

Home Seller

"Marty helped me sell  my home in Lake Oswego.  He knew how to handle obstacles such as a contaminated, in-ground oil tank and issues with remediation.  There were many times I wanted to give up, but Marty kept the transaction on track.  He was accessible and handled every issue in a timely manner."  ~ A. Zabel

Real Estate Landlord

Marty took the worry out of my real estate transaction by negotiating a price that I wanted to pay.  My investment is still going strong as I have retained the tennant that Marty also located and vetted for me. ~ A. Chaff

Real Estate Investor

"Marty has been a great resource for home-buying opportunities and connecting me to various sources of capital needed to remodel and resell my properties."   ~ J. Burkoff


"Marty has sold countless new homes for my company.  Marty is knowledgeable, accessible, and a benefit to my business.  Buyers and their agents always seem to work well with Marty, and his closing ratio is among the top in the industry."           ~ E. Labunsky

Referrals available upon request.

Email Marty and he will be happy to send you contact information for a few of his past clients.